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Scholarship Committee

The PIPGEs Scholarship Committee, formalized at its 34th Executive Committee (EC) Meeting and published through Administrative Act No. 1, made available through the Electronic Bulletin of 09/30/2022, which can be accessed at this link, now has the following composition:

Prof. Dr. Alexsandro Giacomo Grimbert Gallo (alternate: Prof. Dr.Luis Ernesto Bueno Salasar)

Profa.Dr. Daiane Aparecida Zuanetti (alternate: Prof. Dr. Rafael Izbicki)

Prof. Dr. Jorge Luis Bazán
Prof. Dr. Jorge Luis Bazán Guzmán (substitute: Prof. Dr. Vicente Garibay Cancho)
Prof. Dr. Vera Lucia Damasceno Tomazella (Substitute: Prof. Dr. Gustavo Henrique de Araújo Pereira)
Prof.Dr. Mário de Castro Andrade Filho (alternate: Prof.Dr. Marinho Gomes de Andrade Filho)
Prof.Dr. Adriano Kamimura Suzuki (alternate: Prof. Dr. Katiane Silva Conceição)